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Baranova Olga Germanovna

Baranova Olga Germanovna

Position: Head of the Department of botany and plant ecology
Academic degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences
Academic title: Professor

Contact details:

Address: 462034, Izhevsk, Universitetskaya st., 1/1, room 417
Phone: +7 (3412) 916448
e-mail: ob@uni.udm.ru

Biographical data:

Date of Birth - 12.08.1961.

In 1984 she graduated from the biological faculty of Leningrad state University, specialty – biologist-botanist. In 1984 she started working at the Udmurt State University, having passed the way from senior lecturer to head of the Department of botany and plant ecology. In 1985 she enrolled in postgraduate school at Leningrad University and in 1988 she defended her thesis on "Analysis of flora of Udmurtia" (scientific supervisor – Doctor of Biology, Professor V. M. Schmidt). During the period 1997-2000 she was in the doctorate of St. Petersburg University, which she finished by defending her doctoral thesis on "The flora of the Vyatka-Kama interfluve and its history" (scientific consultant – Doctor of Biological Sciences, corresponding member of RAS, prof. R. V. Kamelin). In 2003 she was awarded the academic title of Professor. For the active study of the flora of the Udmurt Republic and scientific activity in studying the vegetation cover of the Udmurt Republic, Baranova was awarded the State prize of the Udmurt Republic in the field of science in 1993 and the State prize of the Government of the Udmurt Republic in 1999 (in collaboration). She is an honorary worker of higher professional education of Russia (2006).

Research interests:

Analysis of the flora of the Vyatka-Kama interfluve (flora of Udmurtia, local floras and their comparative analysis, reconstruction of the formation history of the flora, peculiarities of propagation of plant species, including rare, invasive plants, etc.); study of the cenopopulations of rare plants, their introduction and microclonal propagation; inventory procedures and justification of a network of specially protected natural areas in the Udmurt Republic.

She is an author of more than 250 scientific publications including 18 monographs.

Scientific and organizational activity:

O. G. Baranova is an active organizer in the creation of scientific products. Since 2003 she is an executive editor of the scientific journal "Bulletin of Udmurt University”. She has contributed to writing articles on flora of Udmurtia in the Encyclopedia of the Udmurt Republic; she was the author and organizer of the series of books about the city of Izhevsk (the Nature of Izhevsk, Izhevsk pond, Springs of Izhevsk). With her participation, as an editor and author, the book "Protected areas of the Udmurt Republic" was published.

As an editor and author she participated in preparing for publication such reference books as "Forest encyclopedia of the Udmurt Republic", the encyclopedia "Izhevsk and the people of Izhevsk", the book "Kambarka district" and several others, but, unfortunately, they are not published yet.

She gathered material for a "Handbook for botanists of Russia" for several years, and in 2006 this book was published in Izhevsk and received high appraisal of specialists. She is a coordinator of the international scientific project in the Urals "Atlas of the flora of Europe" (Atlas florae Europeae, Finland).

She is a member of expert Committee for conferment of academic award in the field of botany in the name of V. L. Komarov; a member of the Presidium of the Russian Botanical society and the President of the Udmurt regional branch of Russian Botanical society; the Chairman of the Commission on the natural flora of the Council of Botanical gardens of Russia and CIS countries, the Chairman of the Commission on rare species of Botanical gardens Council of the Urals and Povolzhie, a member of expert Commission of State ecological expertise (made more than 50 expert opinions on various projects of exploration of gas and oil fields, etc. in the Udmurt Republic), a member of the Commission on the Red book of the Udmurt Republic, a member of the Commission for especially protected natural territories of the Republic of Udmurtia, a member of the public Council under the Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Udmurt Republic.